It turns out that life is not the place 
to act ‘nice’, but the place where you should
act as you want...

Life sets its own rules and today, we are under the impression that we play a complicated game without understanding the rules. Therefore, we do not achieve the desired results nor do we feel good about it. Sometimes, we manage to get what we want, but in turn there comes bigger challenges and dissatisfaction.


During adolescence, depending on what happened to us and how we were treated, each of us intuitively defined for ourselves the principles that guide us today - in adult life. Neither did we have the right example, nor our childhood convictions are enough for us to function and succeed in life. This book shows a deeper reality of life outside of our worldview which we encounter every day, but which we do not understand and cannot control. It discovers the meaning and the role of thoughts, emotions and desires in the process of shaping our lives.


Behind the book “The Art of Living, the New Life” stands the story of a man who wanted to understand life. Today he is sharing what has changed him and has the strength to change lives of other people. This is a book about a human’s self-esteem in his own eyes, recognising signs of life and fulfilling our intentions. This is a book about a great friendship between a man and himself.


The English version of the book is planned to be published 2018/2019






        As a society, we will move on to a new stage of life where material wealth will be a standard and the purchase of new possessions will be cheaper than their disposal...

Sooner or later, we will face this choice. Today, we can begin to consider the possibilities that stand in front of us.


The system, which feeds and clothes us doesn’t always respond appropriately to our needs and expectations towards life and increasingly shows its weaknesses. The things which we need and want from our life is a bar for our mental, creative habits and determines the direction of our decisions. We want to live in prosperity and for ourselves, we would give everything without thinking. Today we can create prosperity, but we cannot experience it yet - this world has everything we need for a fulfilled life, but we cannot? have it all and can’t take advantage of everything. Behind this experience stands a number of psychological as well as technical reasons, which I am referring to in my book “The Art of Living”.


Contents of the book “Life After We Choose” is actually a part (the last chapter) of the book “The Art of Living”. Due to the uniqueness and “independence” of this chapter’s subject, I decided to publish it as a separate book. Read More



The husband, father, entrepreneur and “explorer”.


His intense and turbulent life has become the basis for a deep reflection on life. Fascinated by the psychology of human and society, seeking understanding, deeper meaning and beauty in life.


The book “The Art of Living, the New Life” is a summary of his journey. He believes that knowledge gives man more freedom in his choices and allows him to feel good about himself and his life.


He started working on his new book, which will bring even more clarity into our intricate life.




Ch. 1 Feelings

These are the basics of the basics and yet unknown to us. The chapter explores the direction of human life, which is founded in our psyche and expressed through our inner signals, such as feelings, emotions and desires.


Ch. 2   Respect for yourself
and self-esteem

PSelf-esteem is not one of the possibilities, but the core of the human psyche and is the sum of our mature traits which affects he quality of our whole life: our well-being, our attitude, motivation and behaviour. The chapter breaks down the mechanisms that make up our personality, points to the causes of our internal discomfort and dissatisfaction. It shows how to respect yourself and build the value in your own eyes.


Ch. 3   Desires

The chapter presents in new light the importance of our desires and shows how their presence and quality determines the entirety of our lives. This is an unknown side of our human nature, which will always cry the loudest - until it’s heard.


Ch. 5 Me and others

Relations with people are one of the biggest challenges. There are a number of factors that we are not aware of right now, but which affect the quality of relationships and how we feel about them.


Ch. 6  Few more words

The chapter contains descriptions of six independent subjects which are important to our lives, but in which we do not always get what we want from life. They include money, work and health. These are "old" subjects presented in the new way.


Ch. 7   System and society

This chapter is about the organisation of our common life. It presents the economic aspects of the modern system from the human psyche point of view. Shows the "hidden" face of the capitalist system and points to a new solution - the successor of capitalism - which will ensure better fulfilment of our needs and human preferences and allow us to take from life more than ever.

Ch. 4   Awareness and thinking

This is a chapter which can literally change the direction of your life. It pertains to the process of thinking, our worldview, and the mechanisms that shape everyday situations. Our thinking habits determine our efficiency in this life and always translate into the circumstances that we come across. In this chapter, I explain in a simple language the complex mechanisms of life and show how to consciously influence the quality of our lives. I reveal the causes of negative emotions and undesired situations.


In this chapter, I present, an unknown by now, method of thinking which I have called “thought connection”. This is the way our mind operates with information beyond our conscious perception. By using this method consciously, we raise our thinking ability and accelerate our internal development. Thus, it transforms our attitude and character, sharpens the thinking process, and allows us to notice and understand things that earlier were outside our worldview.